Blush Love is connection and dedication

Affection and creation, rest, deep delicious diving into slumber rest. Through the movement practices of Qoya and Kundalini Yoga we will dissolve layers of who we think we are, what we perceive we 'should' do and beginning to trust who we are, and allow sweet abundance into our lives.

Blush Love is a chance to slow down and savour

By dropping into our bodies through movement, meditation, ritual, workshops and community we will tap into our own technology: soul-powered, easily-devoured and ready to help us rise and take into our every day lives more refreshed, revived and ready for the life we treasure.

Blush Love is a return to love

Taking time for self care has been sold as a luxury or a necessity post burn-out. Self care has been neglected, defected and rejected by an idea we have to earn it. Not so. Self care is essential for the now age.